WN Release: V.5, Ch.120

Ahh, I never thought I’d say this but it was rather nice to have one not-my-fault regular release this time around. It gave me a well needed breather – not that I’m saying it should become a habit 😉


Anyway, now the chapter queue is filled again, and more is coming from patron tomorrow and I will face it with renewed energy ^.^

Here is the full release of Chapter 120: Foreign Influences – enjoy!

As for the sponsor’s chapter I’m almost done – I won’t get it out by tonight but definitely tomorrow (soon I’ll be in sync with the other full releases)!

P.s. There are so many layers to how one chooses to interpret this post’s gif… 😉

2 thoughts on “WN Release: V.5, Ch.120

  1. noah

    Note that everyone else who reads this will hate me for it, But I encourage you to take a little break every now and then. It should help with chapter quality for about four-five chapters after your break is done.


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