WN Release: V.5 Ch.119

And the “second release of the day” is here: Chapter 119 – Poisonous Plans, sponsored by an awesome anonymous sponsor – thank you, yet again!


Once more, I’ve failed at getting the sponsor chapter out ahead of schedule – turns out it actually quite hard to “squeeze” in one four days ahead of time (are you surprised? I’m surprised!) I will however improve on this as soon as I can or start giving discounts!

P.S. Apparently I can’t count after midnight….

4 thoughts on “WN Release: V.5 Ch.119

  1. Nakaki

    How’s your health holding up, Snowy? :< And I mean your mental health as well, not just your physical health. Please do remember to take care of yourself. If the deadlines are putting too much stress on you, it's okay to take a break. We'll understand.


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