WN Release: V.5, Ch.121

Tada – Chapter 121: Setting the Mood is out! Many very warm thanks to the anonymous sponsor! 

The sponsor release  the next chapter will be out tomorrow, but unfortunately the DD chapter will have to wait a few more days – I’ve had too little access to my computer this weekend to get them done (also, I’m posting this from my phone so I’m sorry if any on the links aren’t working…) 

4 thoughts on “WN Release: V.5, Ch.121

    1. Haha, naw, I was watching Pride and Prejudice the other day and got inspired to scribble down some stuff. I didn’t mean to publish it, nor do I have any plans to write more on it. It’s just hard for me to focus on the stories in writing of I don’t get the odd inspirations out of my head 😅


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