27 thoughts on “Next WN Chapter – Coming Soon

  1. chaosmarine125

    Congratulations, i’m so hooked on this story and really want more. I really wish I could donate and I mean it. Sadly my money has to go to college.

    Very Eager for the next chapter!!!

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  2. Simon Andreasen

    I think I’m getting addicted to this… It’s the first novel I’ve followed this closely for this long, keep up the good work please 😀

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  3. DarkGo

    I am probably having some lag, I am guessing is perhaps because you are using info for next chapter under new chapter (under ch 89), and when you update only content it takes some time.
    ( I am guessing about this, I could be completely wrong)


  4. shiraori

    is the chapter up yet?
    for some reason I can’t use “next chapter” button in chapter 89 it just gives me unable to find DNS server.


  5. Ultragunner

    A Table of contents would simplify the drop down menu soon much, but yeah just picking up this story. Maybe we can bump this to break the top 10 in top webfiction hahaha


    1. I’m glad you like it! There are three options really. Either you can use the “Follow Snowy Publications” button at the very bottom of every page and you will be given the option between using a WordPress account or a email address; or you can use the RSS feeds, also at the bottom of every page ^.^


  6. 1_it_is

    There is only one thing that I cannot stand about this story and that is catching up with where you’ve written to. The story is fantastic thanks for your hard work.

    You are one of my favorite online authors along with Fel over at forums.sennadar.com and george m. frost at thezombieknight.blogspot.com

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  7. Bedcatlizbeth

    Shouldn’t the next ch be 139 in here it says 134 im confused @.@
    But i really like your story and i think you are a really good writer i hope you will continue to do your best even if things gets hard and conlicated you have talent never forget that and so im curious as to when will be the next update on WN? I’ve been waiting ~~ hope it comes sooon <(*^*)/))


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