He’s gonna be fine ^.^

The last couple of days have been somewhat off an emotional roller-coaster for me… After traveling to several different clinics and a much more serious operation than expected, my cat – Issildur – is finally healthy enough to come home for a couple of days. The next 8 weeks will be devoted to rehabilitation of his leg but when all is said and done, Issildur should be back to normal (a bit stiffer though).

I’m on may way to the vet now (in the neighboring city!) but as soon as I get home I’ll get back to work with the next chapter ^.^ 

I am sorry for the delay (with both the chapter and dealing with all the corrections I’ve gotten for the previous ones)! I would be lying if I said that every waking hour the last few days have been devoted to my cat, but I just haven’t been able to concentrate enough to get anything worth while done… 

Thank you for your understanding!

9 thoughts on “He’s gonna be fine ^.^

  1. Maniac3020

    Glad to hear it. I known I would not be able to concentrate due to worry, if something like that happened to one of my cats.


  2. Nakaki

    Beloved cat > Your readers OTL
    But it’s to be expected 😀 Cats are adorable. Now you can cuddle next to him while you write ^.^


    1. Dragrath

      I don’t know if cuddling an animal with a broken leg is the best thing to do… Broken bones hurt I doubt it will want to cuddle more likely it will want to lay in a position that doesn’t cause pain.

      The important thing to take from this is to not take the fluffy ones for granted they don’t have the same life expectancy as humans do… So take care of them while they are here 🙂


      1. Nakaki

        Cuddling doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to hug it or nuzzle with it or anything. Just sitting near the cat is good enough 😉


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