New Release: V.4, Ch.75

So sorry about the delay… but here is Chapter 75: The Importance of Fining Fenris

Better late then never, no?

The next chapter is, as you know, sponsored and will be out on Friday.

3 thoughts on “New Release: V.4, Ch.75

  1. Nakaki

    You’re not pushing yourself to hard, are you, Snowy? 😦 It’s fine if you delay the next chapter for a few more days. You sound like you’re really busy. I don’t think anyone would want you to sacrifice your health to make the deadline on Friday.

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    1. Thank you Nakaki! I’d like to say that the worst is behind me but that wouldn’t be entirely true… At the same time I feel really bad when people have sponsored chapters and I don’t keep my end on the bargain – I think I’d rather be a bit overworked than feel guilty 😛


      1. Nakaki

        I can relate to that XD But still, keep a close watch over your health, okay? If you ever feel faint or dizzy, stop whatever you are doing and rest. Also, having something you like to drink beside you at all times helps too 🙂 Believe or not, the existence of that insignificant drink beside me had always given me inspiration for my essays and such.

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