New Release: V.3, Ch.47

Her it comes, Chapter 47: Visions – Enjoy!
The highly beloved sponsors for this chapter are: B. Mottershead, O. Davis, R. Kayne and M. McNally – thank you 😀

In the last post I raised the question of sightly raising the donation/chapter to 200 SEK (an increase of barely $4) to make things a bit easier for me. No objections have been made, in fact, quite a few people have contacted me and suggested that I should push it even higher, all the way up to $60-75 per chapter (the amount many other authors at for example Royal Road ask for). However, seeing as this is a hobby of mine, I don’t really want to ask for that much; I write because I like sharing my story with whoever’s interested enough to read it. At the same time, the higher release pace people are making donations for (which is awesome in itself!) has made me cut back on my part-time job a bit, which I will have to do even more if I hope to keep up with the release schedule even during the upcoming March exams. So, instead of raising to 200 SEK, I will raise it to 250 SEK (~$30) for now. As mentioned, the already sponsored chapters (four fully sponsored and one at 11%) will still be sponsored to that degree ^.^

A warm thank you to all of you who have contacted me with many encouraging messages!

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