New release: V.3, Ch. 44

Well, this is technically 40 minutes late where I am, but I blame it on the fact that my head has felt like an exploding watermelon all day and I spent most of the day trying to sleep it off (the timing couldn’t have been better, considering my upcoming lab report – yeay)…
Hopefully, you will excuse the minor delay :/


A big THANK YOU to sponsor D. H. Lundtoft for your contribution!
Finally, without further ado, Chapter 44: The Soul Stirs – enjoy!

5 thoughts on “New release: V.3, Ch. 44

  1. Emait

    Thanks for the chapter.
    I have always worry that Raven is too smart and experienced that she can read and understand other people like the back of her hand, so there’s not much chance she can experience romance (because she had already know everything about the other person before they even open their mouth) but looks like she can find some emotional support now :))

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  2. Leafyeyes417

    Hahahaha the next chapter is going to be hilarious! Here’s my imagination of it…
    *Dunlin and lackeys start leaving*
    Raven: “Hey, where do you think you are you going?”
    Dunlin: “I’m going to master my new skill, SLAVE. Why?”
    Raven: “oh, i just thought i would show you my skill.”
    *Dunlin and Lackeys look confused until Raven starts using the skill immediately, and their jaws drop*
    Raven: “I look forward to you calling me Senior Night. HAHAHA” *and she walks out of the library*

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  3. Leafyeyes417

    Oh, also, for some reason your comment system isn’t working/appearing on this chapter? Otherwise I wouldn’t have posted here, and posted there instead.


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