New Release: V.3, Ch. 38

As this is being posted I’m probably knee deep in my Fluid Mechanics exam… Keep your fingers crossed for me as you read the first regular chapter of the year – Chapter 38: The Fake’s Performance !

On a funny note: found this five-years-too-early call out to my novel when I was googling myself (as you do)…

Last, but certainly not least, a warm thank you to Mio for recommending my story over at Novel Updates! I’m glad you enjoy it enough to pass it on – you have no idea what a flood of visitors you’ve brought me ^.^

2 thoughts on “New Release: V.3, Ch. 38

  1. Aure94100

    I just discovered it on a thread on Novel Updates. I was never interested by original stories because I always thought it was bad (the writing or the story) … but yours is just so good !!! Oo
    Your writing is exquisite, the story is excellent and following a female in a xanxia is like discovering a fresh new world.

    I hope it will become more popular and that you will continue until the end of this story … a long long story like it has always been in the xanxia world. 🙂

    PS : If my speech is weird or incorrect, sorry, I’m french and not fluent in english.

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