New release: V. 3 Ch. 34

I’ve been trying to keep to a once-every-four-days schedule and I’m almost pulling it of. Today I release the next chapter, Chapter 34: Imperial Banquet, on schedule but before Pandas has had a chance to help with the editing…. I’m sorry for being so last minute this time Pandas!

So, basically, if you’re picky, wait a day or so before reading cause there will be errorz!

3 thoughts on “New release: V. 3 Ch. 34

  1. Leafyeyes417

    I re-read your story (because I was bored and its a good story) and found some problems with the ‘next chapter’ & ‘previous chapter’ links at the end of the chapters. Chapters 13, 28,29, & 31 all have the wrong ‘next chapter’ links. Chapter 31 actually has 2 next chapter links, with the one that is supposed to be ‘previous chapter’ (the one on the left side of “start”) actually going to the next chapter, and the ‘next chapter’ going to the wrong page. Chapter 28’s ‘previous chapter’ also has the wrong link.

    Hope this is understandable and helps you out! I didn’t check any of the ‘Next book’ or ‘Start’ links.

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