New release: V.3 Ch.32

I had intended to wait until after New Years before letting any eventual donations affect my release speed but I just got my very first donation and to celebrate I decided to make an exception ^.^

So, a big thank you to mister Schaub for your donation – this early release is for you!

And, tada! Here it is, the not-so-long awaited Chapter 32: Unprecedented – enjoy!
Editor: Pandas

p.s. I have been waiting for a fitting moment to use this gif since august! I just couldn’t keep it in me anymore! d.s.

7 thoughts on “New release: V.3 Ch.32

  1. Effe,

    I really like where you’re going with this story. Also, on the Day of Light, does Raven have to forgo cultivation? When she was in the temple with her parents, it seemed like the energy was distributed based on the number of spirit connections.

    Yes, in that specific temple it would be better to be the solitary person there, but she can leave her brother in hers and disguise herself to enter one of the lower-populated public ones at the school. She could alternate the temple every year to avoid suspicion. Or, she could have her brother follow one of the advanced students, who has the lowest connections, into their room and hide in the corner so that both of them would get a decent private temple experience.

    Just some thoughts.

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