Chapter 15 + “fun” fact

Here is Chapter 15!

But before (or after, I won’t judge!) you delve intro this next chapter I would like to steal some of your time for a little fun-fact session.

Still reading? Great!

So, some of the more observant (aka bird nerdy) of you might have noticed that I base all the names of characters born in Sky Empire on various bird species. Well, little Hoatzin is no different – I picked his name because it stuck out in a list of birds’ names and the bird itself looked pretty cool, visually.

I did no further research into the creature, until now, when it was time to decide what shape Hoatzin’s spirit body should take, and guess what – the hoatzin, aka the stinkbird, is a very unique bird. It is famous for it viscous smell and clumsy flying skills.

Supposedly, it smells (and tastes) so bad that no human will even consider to hunt it, and it takes so long for its chicks to learn how to fly that the bird has developed temporary claws to help them get up trees…

Now I just wish I’d saved the name for some insufferable jerk later on so that Raven could have used said “Your parents picked you name well…” or “You outdo your namesake…” or, or… Argh so many options, and their wasted! T_T

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