Weekly Release: WN ch.139

So, today isn’t Sunday, but here is the weekly regular release, this time for WN, Chapter 139: The First Trial’s Premise – enjoy! Better late than never, right?


It’s shocking how hard it is to make up the few days missing to set the schedule right! I have a bit less to do this weekend though so, fingers crossed…

For those curious, here is a brief summary of what I’ve been experiencing since I arrived in Japan:

So, after a 16h flight (via Frankfurt) I arrived in Osaka one early morning last week. I had the misfortune of ending up in one of the unreconcilable seats, so I had managed two or three hours of sleep at most, but I somehow managed to by bus tickets to Kobe (in Japanese – victory!) and got on the right buss.

Once in Kobe, my first work day started right off the bat so it wasn’t until ten o’clock in the evening that I finally crawled into bed. I didn’t mind much tough – I’m in Japan after all and I had eaten a cheap yet delicious Ramen for lunch and equally delicious local dish for dinner whose name I’ve forgotten.

Since then I’ve unlocked quite a few achievements here in Japan:

  • Buy a “A-set” lunch (anime watches will know what I mean) – unlocked!
  • Experience 8:00-22:00 workdays – unlocked!
    (though I am allowed to leave at around 19:00)
  • Get lost in the Japanese subway – unlocked!
  • Random people great you and start talking with you on the street, just because you’re tall/blonde – unlocked!
  • Eat more macha-flavored snacks than medically advisable – unlocked!
  • Awe locals by drinking several servings of sake and still be fine – unlocked!
    (man there is some really good sake in Kobe! I only had like three servings – aka 3×18 cl bottles – but the look I got was one of veneration)
  • Get chased down the street because you left a tip – unlocked!

Last weekend we took a work trip to Nagoya. Among other things, we visited the “Toyoda Automated Looms” museum (the original product that Toyota made before they started with car manufaction) – fascinating machines and invention history! Did you know that the looms of today typically use either water or air pressure to weave the fabric, rather than sending the thread back and forth with a shuttle?

This weekend, I will visit a local dojo for some aikido training and perhaps visit an onsen (hot spring) – as well as write, of course ^.^ – next week I’ll start some late evening Japanese lessons to improve my fairly meager language skills.

In general, March is going to be an interesting month, I think!

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