WN Release: V.6, Ch. 138

Tada, cause ‘Tuesday is the new Saturday’, here is Chapter 138: Sensing New Heights – enjoy!


Okey, so, Patreons should already have got a message about my new release schedule, but for the rest of you, this is how my releases are going to work for the time being: Every Sunday I will release 1 regular chapter of either WN or DD (no money taken from the sponsored chapters). Any chapter I manage to release between these regular releases will count as sponsored at 300 SEK/chapter. This is slightly higher that the current chapter prize but since there will be a cost-free regular chapter every week, the average will still be well bellow the previous 250 SEK/chapter.

Be warned though that this Sunday will be insanely hectic so I night have to give you the sequel ‘Tuesday is the new Sunday’. Also, I will try to get the sponsored chapter up properly (and not just a preview like yesterday) but it will most likely only happen next weekend.

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