WN Release: V.5 Ch.131

On the up side: tonight was a fabulous night with lots of awesome friends and so on. ON the down side: the chapter became “a tad” late… Anyway, here is chapter 131: Friends or Foes – enjoy!


This 25% discounted release was brought to you by Pateroens K. Bennet, E. Olofsson, Maniac, Moto and A. Steward – enjoy!

The sponsor’s chapter will hopefully be out tomorrow afternoon!

2 thoughts on “WN Release: V.5 Ch.131

  1. Draconic

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Also, I saw that you will be taking a break after the 23rd. I really hope that you can squeeze out one more Dimension’s Door chapter before then. It would be a really long break for the series without that.


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