WN Release: V.5, Ch.108

As timely as a train, here is Chapter 108: Tomato Soup – enjoy!

A big thank you to sponsor S. Glenn and Patreons FoodKiller, K. Bennet, Yun, C. Hausner, mjkj, Maniac, O. Davis, Coldsnow, B. Motterhead and anonymous! Sorry for the extra wait…

Asfor the DD chapter – I’m hoping to get it out before the weekend but I’ve been having a trouble keeping up and I don’t want to stress it so no promises (the up side of not taking any donations for that one ^.^).

Good night!


P.s. for the same reason that the DD is running late, I have also been slacking a bit at reading people’s comments, my mail and so on. Don’t take offense – I will get around to it soon enough, I promise!

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