New Release: V.4, Ch.92

Well, the tales of ‘Me v.s. The World’ continue. Today I discovered that an insect bite I suffered two days ago had turned quite nasty. I phoned up the doctors and they told me to get to the closest health care center right away – now I’m eating penicillin as if it was candy….


Anyway, here is Chapter 92: Settling a Score! It’s the 4th chapter sponsored by S. Ceniza!

10 thoughts on “New Release: V.4, Ch.92

  1. Zerberon

    Soooooo this is kinda awkward, but could it be that the link once again leads to the “Next chapter coming soon” page? ._.


  2. DarkGo

    Still no new chapter, lately this happen to often so there must be some fix for the future.

    Like separating info next chapter from the link reserved for new chapter.


  3. Me

    You should really go to some temple or something to pray cause you have zero luck. I’m not sure if this is how you do it but i’ll start the prayer. Ahem, Please god bless SnowyFeffe with luck and fortune…*Bows* *donates a penny*

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