New Release: V.3, Ch.46

It comes, Chapter 46: Memories – Enjoy!
Many warm thanks to sponsor B. Mottershead! It’s most appreciated 😀

On another note, for those Twitter lovers/addicts out there, you can now follow the chapter releases (and me) @SnowyFeffe on Twitter, if you prefer that 😉 there might be some “in progress ranting” popping up!

Secondly, I have gotten my own domain – hurray! The new one is – as in publication 😉 So now the chapter addresses will be even shorter and easier to spell – like so: There might be some glitches while the domains are being rerouted so if you’re getting errors, try clearing your cache to let the DNS:s get refreshed ^.^

Finally, about donations. . . I’ve been considering raising the donation/chapter to 200 SEK (an increase of barely $4), mostly because doing percentage calculation in my head with 175 is tricky to do on the fly… Yes, I’m lazy… To compensate for this though, I’m gonna take advantage of Royal Road’s new rules for donations and add whatever donations I get over there to the donation queue here (something that I haven’t been allowed to do so far) – all in all, the donation bar will likely get filled up even faster than it is today and I will get a bit less frustrated when I update it. Is that okay for people or will you hate me forever for it?

Chapters already sponsored would naturally not get un-sponsored. . .

New release: V.3, Ch. 37

Okay, I realize now that I should have, perhaps, waited with accepting donations until after my exams; it’s amazingly encouraging for my writing but equally disadvantageous for my study discipline. . . .

Nonetheless, thank you J. Spencer  and A. Shaub for sponsoring this  Chapter 37: An Arbitrary Amount of Skills.

As promised, a regular chapter will be released on the 14th, and then hopefully the second sponsored chapter will be out on the 17th – as long as I don’t get the traditional post-exam-flu.

On an other note, I had a eye-opening experience concerning the correct usage of “…” so once I get the time, I’m going to go back and right all the wrongs I’ve committed the past few months! Sorry all you grammar-geeks out there (not that i’m gonna be your favorite author anyway. . . .)