Vacation…. 😅

Hi everyone!

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I’ve started my vacation. I plan to release a chapter next week instead of this week and then back to normal 😊

Enjoy summer!

11 thoughts on “Vacation…. 😅

  1. Dark

    will it perhaps be a Whisper of the Nightingale chapter?!?!
    I let a friend know you were alive again and now shes mad at me for getting her hopes up waiting for that series to update


  2. Draconic

    Hey, it’s been nearly 3 months. Any news about that chapter you mentioned? Though I guess this could be considered back to normal. I hope it’s not…


  3. Kent

    Two years since the last WN chapter and six months since any update at all. Sad to say, I have to consider this story dead. I don’t have any right or desire to condemn you though, it’s free and a great story so I will just say thanks for sharing it. Catch you on the flip side.


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