New Release: V.5, Ch.102

Tada! Here is Chapter 102: Familiar Faces – enjoy!

A big thank you to Patreon sponsors Yun, C. Hausner, mjkj, Maniac, O. Davis, Coldsnow and B. Mottershead, as well as one anonymous sponsor for sponsoring this chapter!

P.s. I wrote the later half quarter on my phone due to problems with my computer so there are likely more errors than usual this time… Will go over it thoroughly tomorrow!

14 thoughts on “New Release: V.5, Ch.102

  1. Maniac3020

    Um, the link takes me to a page that, according to my address bar, is chapter 102. The page below that is the standard “wait for next chapter” page, chapter 103.

    The wierd part is, there are comments for a previous chapter, including one of my own, starting on april 7th.


  2. Dragrath

    Yeah it is chapter not out page for what the next chapter will be seems the chapter never got put up… The page moves to the next chapter so it keeps any comments from before


    1. The chapter was up I missed changing the URL in the next chapter page… 😌 If it happens again, I can recommend taking a look at the drop down menu – those links are automatic.


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